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After Sales Support

Our tenet: high quality and efficiency, user first

Shenzhen aikerui Electric Co., Ltd. has established an efficient after-sales service system. After the product sales contract is signed, the after-sales service department will provide users with efficient and high-quality services. Service content:

Provide you with installation and maintenance

Provide you with product technical services, consultation and on-site training

We will provide you with accessories of acry products

Provide you with equipment upgrading and upgrading

Product Maintenance

1、 Duration

The warranty period of acry's products is 12 months from the date of delivery.

2、 Warranty scope

A. the principle of "Three Guarantees" is applied to the products of acre company. Under the condition that the users normally use and keep the products according to the requirements of the product instructions, if the products cannot work normally within one year from the date of delivery, the company will repair or replace the parts for the users free of charge.

B the product must be installed and repaired by the engineering and technical personnel of the company according to the contract requirements, otherwise the quality problems do not belong to the scope of warranty.

C. if the product is found damaged, the product shall be sealed, stopped from use, and the after-sales service department of our company shall be notified in time for maintenance. The company is responsible for solving quality problems.

D. the user shall use the product according to the product manual provided by the company. The damage of parts caused by failure to use according to the manual is not within the scope of warranty.

E. during the warranty period, if other devices are installed or installed on the company's products without the consent of the company, resulting in quality problems, it does not belong to the scope of warranty.

F after the installation of the machine, please keep the warranty certificate and send the warranty receipt card back to the company according to the regulations, otherwise the warranty will not be guaranteed.

3、 Response time

A. reply must be given within 2 hours of the response time of the maintenance call.

B. site response time, generally within 8 to 48 hours according to the distance and convenient transportation.

C the engineers of the after-sales service department will try their best to arrive at the user's site for maintenance and treatment as soon as possible.

4、 After the "Three Guarantees" period, continue the after-sales service in the form of renewal or other forms.

User Training

1) User training is to enable users to correctly master the operation of the machine, give full play to the efficiency of the machine and ensure the normal operation of the machine

2) The on-site user training is to introduce the machine performance and operation methods to the users during the installation process and before the installation and delivery, and guide the users to carry out operation training.

3) The training shall be guided by the engineers of acry company.

Hotline Service

1) Service content

A answer the user's questions in using the products of acre company.

B guide users to troubleshoot the product.

C provide product upgrading and transformation projects.

D) technical consultation.

2) 24-hour service hotline; 0755-89648605 89643050, mobile phone: 13714780558 (manager Xia) 15889449310 (Tan Gong)

Fax: 0755-89648593 e-mail:

3) If you have any dissatisfaction with our service, you are welcome to call our service supervision hotline and put forward valuable opinions to us. Your satisfaction is our goal.

Service supervision hotline: 0755-89648613 13825257376 (Mr. Zhou)

According to the needs of users, the after-sales service department will provide other products and services:

1. Upgrading of medical examination vehicle products.

2. Add or modify the products of acre company according to the needs of users.

3. Accessories of X-ray products of eckery company.

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